A People's Court


Jilliän Törmä Björk

Take it to the people..

To The People:


My corporation files,  software, source code, documentation, training videos, computers, laptops, client files and data were stolen in a  burglary April 16, 2009. However, this stolen property reappeared 2 weeks later suspiciously in the possession of the marketing firm and my adversaries now in court.  In otherwords, I know where it is and who has it, and I can't seem to find the help to recover it from them. 


It is important to note here, that all regular income from my job and my software royalty payments have been held up for almost 5 years, by the opposing (handful of men) and the snail court.  My software is now under their control. (Possession). 


These men have hacked into my software and are infringing on my copyrights by re engineering it.  These men are servicing the customers with fraudulent software without proper security measures.  They sent me a 'Cease and Desist' letter to keep me from contacting clients to inform them that their data has been stolen.   They are billing the clients, collecting the contract payments, and are misappropriating these payments to themselves and elsewhere for their own benefit.  These payments belong to me for the use of my software,  


I have been fighting in and out of court  for almost over 5 years now. I am a 66 year old widow and I was also wrongfully incarcerated for contempt of court for not turning over my private information (human rights issue). I served 7 of 30 days in Jail, which was an extremely traumatic experience for me. Remembering it, still makes me cry.


There are heavy penalties for this kind of white collar felony crime.  However, the costs of this kind of a lawsuit are astronomical; The legal expenses so far, have passed 6 figures and there is no guarantee my money or property will be returned.


Top attorneys demand top dollars, and I do not want to lose this battle because the legal fees are draining me to the point that I will eventually, have to give it up. IF that happens, I will have to shut all my business' operations down and I will lose everything I have worked for over 25 years, including my home, my ranch, my horses unless, I can find someone to help me.  This has to stop.  Please share this information, It does have national impact. An opportunity to protect these rights should go virual on the internet.




I need financial help to stop my adversaries.  The money donated will be used for the on-going legal costs and expenses to end this criminal matter perpetrated against me.  


I have chosen to use PayPal to collect online donations because they offer secure transactions, they have a strong reputation for online monetary transactions, and they are a trusted third-party.


The personal information that is collected as part of your donation process will be kept strictly confidential.  To use PayPal, just click on the Donate icon above.  


Please, I am asking for your help, any amount will help. 


Thank you.

Jilliän Törmä Björk

I do not believe in negotiating with or paying these thieves their ransom amount (>$100,000) to return my property to me.


If this were 'gold' stolen, the authorites would have acted immediately.


Since I am a woman and this involves Intellectual Property, the police and the FBI have failed to act at all to recover my stolen property.  I can tell them who has it and where it is, and still no help.


I am prepared to  fight this battle all the way through the courts because this issue is very important for our Women's Rights to own and to be able to keep control of their businesses and not be bullied out of our

property and business by a handful of men or even one man.


This sustained stress of this battle is affecting my health and well being and I need  intervention.